Bookings & FAQs

— Booking types

Please see below the types of bookings that JW Physio offers. For individual pricing quotes (due to varying medical insurance policies) please contact Jo.

Initial phone consultation (up to 20 mins)
45 minutes of physiotherapy
Home visit physiotherapy
Block booking of 4 sessions
Block booking of 6 sessions

All sessions are payable by BACS or cash on the day of treatment. Treatments are covered by most private health insurance companies.

— FAQs

1What should I wear?
Loose clothing is best. You may be asked to remove some items of clothing as I will need to be able to work on the injured area freely. Your modesty and dignity is always respected and upheld.
2Do I need to see my GP or consultant to be referred for physiotherapy?
No you don’t, but if I need to I may have to contact your GP - only with your permission. If you are claiming on your private health insurance most companies will require a doctor’s referral letter.
3Does physiotherapy hurt?
I do my best not to cause any further pain but post-treatment soreness can be a problem to some people. It usually wears off after 24 hours but may take a few days.
4How quickly will I feel the benefits of the treatment?
Physiotherapy is not an instant cure. It may take a few sessions to achieve a result. If there is no response, or you are worse, after three sessions I will stop the treatment and refer you to your GP or a consultant for further tests and investigations.
5How many treatments will I need?
This will vary as it will depend on what the problem is and how long you have had it for. There are occasional times when I can manage a good result in one treatment but the usual is about 4 to 6 sessions.